Danit's 5th Birthday

This year we decided (with Danit) not to have a party for her friend, but instead to take a long weekend vacation in San Diego. Since it was Adi's first road trip, we didn't want to travel too far.

So we spent the first day (Friday) in Legoland. We had great time, since it is designed with the small kids in mind. Also it was empty, and in most rides we didn't have to wait at all. We stayed in a hotel just outside of SeaWorld.

We enjoyed the second day at SeaWorld. We touched dolphins, and saw a lot of amazing sea creatures. The highlight of the day was lunch right next to the killer whales' pool. There we saw how they train the "Shamu"s and talked to their trainers. Danit even asked them if they feed the whales with seals, since that's their main food in the wild. The answer was that no one there has the stomach to do that. It was a very smart question.

On Sunday, we took a swim in the hotel's outside swimming pool (Even though it is November we are in California after all). And then we headed back home.

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Adi was busy - crashing each and every GoldFish cracker in the bag

You can not have a birthday without a cake - right?

A halloween leftover....