Danit's 6th Birthday

This year we celebrated Danit's birthday at AdventurePlex in Manhattan Beach. The birthday celebrations started a week early when Saba Yoram surprised us as he showed up in Los Angeles. On Friday Dani't friends in her Hebrew school celebrated her birthday during the Kidush. On Saturday we celebrated with some of Danit's closest friends from school and pre-school, and after the party Danit, Mommy, Dedi and Roi went rock climbing. On Tuesday (Danit's real birthday) we concluded the celebrations with a chocolate cake and some more presents.

As always you can download all the photos here.

Danit all dressed up before going to her birthday celebration in the synagouge.

Adi is always on the run

Danit and Saba having fun

Everyone is all dressed up

Adi playing in AdventurePlex

Danit always wanted a Spirit birthday

Coming back from scavenger hunt

Make a wish....

Danit wishes everyone to be .......

Mmmm time.

Adi also loves the cake

Danit the rock climber

Almost to the top.....

Mommy too.

I made it !!!

Efrat's decorations on Saba's cake for Danit

So many wishes.