Trip to Uruguay

After a long time we traveled to Uruguay this winter (or summer - depending on your point of view). It was Danit and Adi's first visit to South America and the first time that Adi and our family met.

As always you can download all the photos here.

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Adi and Danit keeping busy in San Paulo airpot.

Adi and Danit are still smiling after 12 hour on the plain to Brazil from Los Angeles, with almost no sleeping.

Even the bravest have to sleep sometimes....

Danit and Grandpa exploring the fair at Tristan Narbaja

Adi loves number (or maybe bikes - these are motobikes license plates)

Our first real "asado" at the Montevideo Port.

Although Grandpa haven't seen Danit since she was a year and a half the connection was still there.

Adi and Grandma had a special connection right brom the start.

Danit had a lot of homework to do, so in between going to the beach and playing with Tango she had to do get some work done.

Rock-a-bye, Baby, on the tree top....

Danit exercising on the beach

Leon "Arnold Schwarzenegger" Kohn

Danit eats a sea weed omelet!!!

Burning few calories

We didn't have to go to the beach to have some wet fun

The Chef