Fall 2005

Here are some photos from the fall of 2005.

As always you can download all the photos here.

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The hotel in San Diego where we celebrated Adi's birthday. The girls loved the bunk bed.

We vistied San Diego's Wild Animal Park and we took the tram that goes around the park.

The girls trying their Halloween costumes

In September Amichai, our cousin from Israel, came to visit

Adi on her way to the Halloween party at school

Danit on her way to school in Halloween day

Halloween parade in Pennekamp

Candy dinner in Halloween night

This year we've put some extra effort in decorating the house

Danit after a very "girly" birthday

Danit and Adi with some of the presents they got for Danit's birthday

Danit practicing her bowling skills

We finished Danit's week long birthday celebrations at the Aquarium of the Pacific wih a party for her classmates and friends