November 2006 (and some October)

Halloween at Montessori and Pennekamp:

Adi at the Halloween Parade in her school. If you didn't figure it out, she is a fairy

Waiting for a photo-op

On Halloween Sylvi dressed up as a farm girl to work.

Danit was dressed like Hermione Granger. She had to put a wig to look like her, but for sure she is as smart!

Danit and her teacher Mrs. Ojakian at the Halloween parade at school

Adi had to try Danit's wig

Adi was dressed up as Tinker Bell for Trick or Treating

And they sure got a lot of treats!


Danit's Birthday, and our trip to Sequoia National Park:

A pretty cake for a pretty girl's 8th birthday

Adi and Danit were so excited to open the presents

Are you ready for the weather outside?

We were lucky to have some snowfall.

It was the first time for Adi and Danit, so the excitement was high!

So many trees....

Guess what season it is?

The biggest tree in the world!

On the way home Danit lost one of her front teeth. Finally!

As always, you can download the photos here.