October 2007

We had the best reason to take a trip to Israel. Efrat and Tomer got married. Since we didn't have any vacations from school or work at the same time our visit was short and intensive. We saw a lot of family, some friends and some of the country (especially the beach - we had perfect weather).

Adi and Gad

Liron and Ido

At "Shook Hacarmel" (Tel-Aviv's market)

With Alejandro

With Lea

With Joanne and the girls

Efrat and one of their 3 dogs

Sylvi after visit to the makeup guy right before the wedding

Everyone was all dressed up.

In the morning after the wedding we drove north to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

With Dor

The girls were so excited to see Saba Dudu

I love this photo of Didi

Our goodbye party was also Danit's early 9th birthday

The puzzle masters

As always, you can download the photos here.