Skiing at Mammoth Lakes - End of December 2007

At the end of the year we took a short vacation to the ski resort at Mammoth Lakes. It is a short 5 hours drive from home, and it features a world class skiing. A lot of beginners and intermediate slopes (our favorites). Adi and Danit took lessons for all 4 days and on the last day Adi was doing the POMA (a kind of a T-bar) and Danit was skiing on most of the same slopes that Sylvi and Eran did (including taking the chair lifts). We were very lucky with the weather and had 2 beautiful blue sky days and the other 2 were pretty good too.

Here are a couple of video clips of Danit skiing. I would recommend to save the clip to the local hard disk (right click, Save As...) and then play the video.

Danit Skiing:
Eran Following Danit:

(Click on the photo's thumbnails to see the full size image or it is possible to download all the photos here)